What is a transformer? | The classification | uses are shown

What is a transformer? 

A transformer is an electrostatic device that transfers symbolic energy through electromagnetic induction without changing the frequency and power of the coil.

What is Transformer

 The uses of the transformer are shown

There are two types of transformers according to the procedure: -

Step of transformer,

 step down transformer,

 three types of transformer according to core structure:-

 Core type,

Shell type,

Spiral core type,

six types of transformer according to use:-

Power Transformer,

Distribution Transformer,

Auto transformer,

Instrument Transformer,

Current Transformer ,

Potential transformer,

four methods based on installation method:-

Indoor type,

Outdoor type,

Pole mounted,

Underground Transformer,

Two types based on earth:-


Radio frequency Transformer,

Two types based on page number :-


Poly Phase,

Use of Transformer:-

Transmission and distribution transformers are used, transformers are used in

every communication circuit, transformers are used in

telephone and control circuits,

radios, televisions, recordings, etc.,

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