Transformer Principle Description / What is Transformer Action?

The contribution of transformers to the transmission and distribution system in today's world is immense. It is usually used for voltage step up by step down It is made of a silicon steel coil wrapped around the two arms of a uniform cub .

 These coils have no electrical connection .

Transformer diagram

The coil from which AC power is supplied from outside is called primary winding and the welding to which load is attached is called secondary winding. When AC supply is applied in primary vending, it creates magnetic flux The generated flux goes through the secondary and intersects the secondary winding flux. As a result, the coil is obscured by Faraday's principle of electromagnetic induction. The voltage of this obscured voltage transformer This process of generating voltage is called transformer action

 Transformers mainly do three things: -

1.Electrical power is equal,

2.frequency remains unchanged.

3.Reduces or increases the supply voltage,

  What is a transformer? The classification and uses are shown

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