What is an auto transformer

What is an auto-transformer?

Auto-transformer (auto-transformer starter) is a special type of transformer that has only one weighting. Some parts are used as primary and some parts are used as secondary. That is, the winding is electrically and mechanically connected Procedure 2 Like Wedding Transformer.

Power is transferred to the auto-transformer in two ways: -

1.Transformer action,

=VI (1 - 1/a)

2.Conduction reaction

= VI - {VI (1 - 1/a)}


Why am I not used in the distribution line?

Both the primary and secondary coils of the Auto Transformer have electrical connections. Can create a dangerous situation on the consumer side.

That is why autotransformers are not usually used in distribution lines

Advantages of Auto Transformer: -
1. Auto-transformer takes less copper for winding.
2. Auto-transformer costs less because it takes less winding.
3. Auto-transformer efficiency is relatively high and voltage regulation is low.
4. It is small in size, resulting in less space.
5. There are many tappings in the winding so that the required voltage can be obtained by changing the tapping.
6. Auto-transformer coils have electrical and mechanical connections so no insulation is required to keep them separate.

Disadvantages of Auto Transformer: -
1. Auto-transformer is used as a step-down, cannot be used for very high voltage.
2. It is not possible to work in the very high ratio by auto-transformer
3. There is always a risk of danger as there is an electrical connection between the primary and the secondary.
4. Auto-transformer has a high voltage in the primary. Farewell operation is not safe enough

 Application fields of Auto Transformer are: -

1. Large size 3 phase induction motor and as an auto starter to start the synchronous motor. 

2. Used in mills as furnace transformers

3. Used to illuminate highways

4. Used in the control instrument of electric train

5. Used as a variant

6. It is used in radio electronics

Difference between auto-transformer and conventional transformer

Auto Transformer 1. Auto-transformer is interrelated both primary and secondary in a single winding 2. Auto-transformer primary and secondary can be connected both electrically and mechanically 3. It uses thinner wire, less copper, and less cost 4. Auto-transformer cannot be stepped up, can only be used as a step-down 5. Auto-transformer voltage drop is less, resulting in better voltage regulation 5. The efficiency of auto-transformer is high 6. Auto Transformer takes less copper

Conventional Transformer 1. It has two separate windings and does not interconnect 2. Primary and secondary are mechanically connected only 3. If you want to get more power, you have to use thick wire It takes more copper, so the cost is higher 4. Conventional transformer can be used as a step up and step down 5. The voltage drop at the conventional transformer is high, so its voltage regulation is not good. 6. The efficiency of the conventional transformer is relatively low 7. Conventional transformers require relatively more copper

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