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What is an autotransformer?

Autotransformer is a special type of transformer which has only one weighting. Some parts are used as primary and some parts are used as secondary.

That is, the winding is electrically and mechanically connected Procedure 2 Like Wedding Transformer.

Power is transferred to the auto transformer in two ways: -

1.Transformer action,

=VI (1 - 1/a)

2.Conduction reaction

= VI - {VI (1 - 1/a)}


Why am I not used in the distribution line?

Both the primary and secondary coils of the Auto Transformer have electrical connections. Can create a dangerous situation on the consumer side.

That is why autotransformers are not usually used in distribution lines

 Application fields of Auto Transformer are: -

1. Large size 3 phase induction motor and as an auto starter to start the synchronous motor. 

2. Used in mills as furnace transformers

3. Used to illuminate highways

4. Used in the control instrument of electric train

5. Used as a variant

6. It is used in radio electronics

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