Power transformers and distribution transformers difference between

Power transformers and distribution transformers are very important for electrical circuits. The power transformer and the distribution transformer connect the electrical circuits by keeping the two frequencies unchanged, but among them, there are some differences, which are given below: -

Power transformers and distribution transformers difference between

Power Transformer -

1. Power Transformer to the direct customer connection is not provided.
2. Power transformers are used in high voltage transmission lines.
3. It is used in both steps up, step down.
4. It's primary and secondary are always energizers.
5. The frequency of this transformer is relatively high.
6. It has a high rating.
7. Buccal relay, merge price reserve system, etc. are used for protection.

Distribution Transformer: -

1.The distribution transformer is directly connected to the customer on the distribution line and secondary.

2.It is used in distribution lines.

3. A distribution transformer is used for step-down.

4. The primary transformer of the distribution transformer is always there but there may not be a secondary energizer.

5. The efficiency of this transformer is relatively low.

6. The distribution Transformer has a low rating.

7. It uses drop-out fuses and small circuit breakers for protection.

which type of connection is used in the distribution transformer

Distribution Transformer can be both Delta / Star or Star / Delta. However, there is usually a delta/star connection. This is because Delta / Star connections are useful for delivering customers from the primary high site to the secondary side.

It is possible to get only star connection in a three-phase, four-wire system Customers can avail both single-phase and three-phase supply if required.


What is the use of tapping in a transformer?

Depending on the length of the voltage drop line in the distribution line. If the distribution transformer is connected at the beginning of the line, it will receive a high voltage from the substation.

In that ratio, the load voltage is higher at the beginning and the load voltage decreases as the line distance increases. There is a system to overcome this problem This may change the transformation ratio conveniently

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