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What is Engineering? What is technology? What are an electrical engineering and electrical engineering history is discussed?

What is Engineering?

Engineering Definition: The word of Engineering comes from the word “Engineer”.
The basic definition of engineering can be defined as “the word science come from the optimum conversion of the resource of nature to the uses of humankind.”
In the year 1390, their constructor of military engine-referred as an engineer (Who operates an engine). For this incident, we can say “an engine-referred as a military machine which used in War.
The Engineering council for professional development of the united state defined as the word of engineering that “Scientific principle to design or develop structure, machine, apparatus or manufacturing process or to forecast their nature under the specific operating condition all as intended function economics of operation or safety to life and property.
Great Britain defined that Engineering means to manufacture or assemble engines, machine tools, and machine parts.
The word “Engine” is derived from the same Latin root,” ingenerate”. This means to create.
The word “engine” derives by  Latin Ingenium that “innate quality, especially mental power, hence a clever invention.”
When step by step civilization developed, people start re-arrange their environment with farms, villages, ships, roads, and eventually great cities.
The engineering separated in Asia but it almost similar department. Which more techniques of construction hydraulic and metallurgy helping to create and develop civilization such as MUGHAL EMPIRE. Which was large and impressed beautiful cities in the 13th century.

What is Technology?

Technology definition: At present we are in 21th Century. Now we can’t live even don’t think anything without the use of technology. Wherever we see there everything is committed to technology.
If we want to find the definition of technology we can say that, “The sum of several techniques created a new technology”. When a basic tool is developed by several techniques it’s visualized a new technology.
Now we can define technology differently. It was created by humans to change their lives more easily.
When we want to find the difference between Science, Engineering & Technology, they are embedded with each other.
If we think anything, we have to think about the basic laws of it. Which we found in Science. We can understand this in a simple example.
Let, Think a Helicopter. We know the basic principle of a Helicopter that, It needs LIFT. There needed a force to its upward. This LIFT we can create by Wings. Which Follows the Bernoulli Equation. In that equation there describes the relation between speed and pressure of the air.
In that example, we can say the technology is Helicopter which follows a science law. And this law is visualized by the uses of Engineering. From the above incident, we can say that these three words fulfill each other. We can’t skip those one thing when we want to create new technology.
If we think the first stage of human creation, where the world was, And now where we are. A lot of things are invented day by day. If this will be continued, Where the world goes in one day.
But in the book of the Holy Quran, God says, “Man is not immortal. Nothing will last forever. Everything & the whole world will damage one day.

what is electrical engineering?

Electrical engineering  Definition: Electrical engineering is the newest branch of Engineering. It developed in the 19th century. It deals With the technology of electricity. An electrical engineer Intimate relation with Physical science and mathematics. It says Because of the physicist.
Lord Kelvin Fast designed a Major role in the Engineering of the transatlantic telegraph. And Another engineer Oliver Heaviside Produce the mathematics on the telegraph cable. In electrical engineering there always be needed various science projects. As an example: Large particle acceleration like CERN is needed for power distribution, instrumentation, installation, and the manufacture of the superconducting electromagnet.
In electrical engineering, they always work with a wide range of power generation devices, from components to tiny microchips.
Electrical engineering also contributes to a wide range of development in technology. It also plays an important role to design the telecommunication system.
Wherever we see, There everything is placed with electrical engineering. From single home appliances to large power generating stations, there are a lot of things committed to Electrical Engineering.
At Present, Many engineers collaborate with the use of computers. But, It’s too interesting to say that they used the basic electrical engineering components like resistor, inductor, Capacitor, Power supply, etc.

Electrical Engineering History

History of Electrical Engineering: The first Electricity idea is given by Benjamin Franklin in 1752 from the natural lighting.
He first invented the Positive and Negative charges of electricity. After that, Telegraph is the first electrical engineering innovation.
Which was invented by Samual F.B. Morse in1837. After 30 years Telephones were discovered. Alexander Graham Bell first created the telephone in 1876. Then after 2 years, Thomas Edison gave the idea that when a flow of current passed through the vacuum, there created lighting.
And he also invented the electric bulb in1876. He opened his company which was General electric light company.
The  German scientist William Gilbert And Simon ohm, Famous scientist Andre Marie Ampere, Italian scientist Alexandra Volta, And American scientist Joseph Henry emerged in the discipline.
They gave a clear concept of electricity. In later different types of units, names are given by their name.
The first concept of Alternating current was given by George Westinghouse.
In 1864, Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell showed the radiation of electromagnetic travel through the speed of light by using the basic law of electricity in multiple forms.
Then, German Physicist, Heinrich Hertz Invented electromagnetic waves in 1887. Which unit name was given by Hertz.
English Scientist  Michel Faraday Created the laws of electromagnetic induction. Which states that” When a conductor cut the magnetic flux, dynamically induced e.m.f. Produced. This law is used in many things such as generators, motors, transformers, etc.
When we talk about Induction Motor There names come first. Nicholas Tesla first invented the AC Motor/Induction motor.
FAQ in What is Engineering

Q1.What is Engineering?

Ans: the word science comes from the optimum conversion of the resource of nature to the uses of humankind.

Q2. Who first gave the idea of electricity?

Ans: The first Electricity idea is given by Benjamin Franklin in 1752 from the natural lighting.

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