What is a circuit breaker

What is a circuit breaker? How does a circuit breaker work? Where to use circuit breaker? Why use a circuit breaker? Here's how to replace a circuit breaker?

what is a circuit breaker? or what is circuit breaker?

A circuit breaker Electrical circuit is a small and important device. The current applied to the circuit is controlled by the circuit breaker.

Electrical Circuits The circuit breaker protects any electrical device such as electrical bulbs, electrical motors, etc.

Just as a switch can be used to control any device in an electrical circuit, so a circuit breaker can be used to control any device in an electrical circuit.

But with the help of a circuit breaker, in case of any fault in the electrical circuit, the circuit breaker automatically switches.

MCB circuit breakers are commonly used at home for this purpose But in the industrial sector, more different types of circuit breakers are used like: MCCB, ACB, VCB, etc.

The main function of all these circuit breakers is to protect the electrical device from excess current in the electrical circuit and to switch it automatically in case of any fault.

A circuit breaker is an automatic switching device The circuit breaker protects the electrical circuit and the electrical machine or device when an electrical fault occurs.

Provides protection from the excess current by switching automatically. The circuit breaker automatically protects the electrical circuit by switching when excess hazardous current enters the electrical circuit.

Circuit breaker working

Since the circuit breaker is a protective and control device, the circuit breaker has two types of contacts for ease of use.

The circuit breaker has one moving contact and the other has a fixed contact. The moving contact is in the middle of the circuit breaker and it connects to the fixed contact. Moving contacts can be moved as needed.

Different types of components are used to create these contacts in different types of circuit breakers.

Fixed contacts are placed at the two ends of the circuit breaker. The incoming power and outgoing power cable of the circuit breaker are connected to the fixed contact.

When any fault current of the circuit breaker enters, the circuit breaker automatically disconnects by switching with the help of moving contacts.

In simple words
The circuit breaker's moving and fixed two contacts, when excess current flows in the circuit breaker, the circuit breaker disconnects by automatic switching through the moving contact.

How to use circuit breaker? or Circuit breaker use

The use of circuit breakers is increasing day by day due to safety concerns and is more popular as it is easier to control.

The circuit breaker is a control and maintenance device. Circuit breakers are commonly used for medium and high amperes.

Circuit breakers are often used instead of switches. However, circuit breakers are mainly used to protect electrical circuits.

The circuit breaker can easily determine if more current is flowing than the electrical circuit needs and the circuit breaker shuts off automatically.

In addition, if any fault occurs in the electrical circuit, the circuit breaker will shut down automatically.

In the event of a short circuit in the electrical circuit, the circuit breaker disconnects the electrical device from the power line very quickly.

Circuit breakers are used primarily to protect electrical circuits, and electrical devices can be easily controlled by turning the circuit breaker on and off, making it more popular today.

How to install a breaker?

The circuit breaker is placed in front of the electrical device so that the electrical device can protect the circuit breaker.

The circuit breaker method acts as an intruder between the means and the electrical power source. Whenever there is a problem with the electrical circuit, the circuit breaker automatically shuts off to protect the electrical device.

Circuit breakers are often used instead of switches in the interest of greater safety. So that no electrical accident occurs. This is how a circuit breaker is installed.

how to wire a breaker?

Circuit breakers basically collect power from electrical power sources and supply power to electrical devices.

A circuit breaker is placed between the electrical device and the electrical source. The power cable from the electrical source is connected to the fixed contact on one end of the circuit breaker and the load is connected to the fixed contact on the other end of the circuit breaker.

How to replace a circuit breaker?

If there is a problem with the circuit breaker then the circuit breaker has to be changed. When changing circuit breakers, care must be taken to ensure that the circuit breaker's main incoming power is turned off.

If there is enough power then the incoming power cable of the circuit breaker and the power cable connected to the electrical coupling should be opened.

After opening the cable, a new breaker has to be installed in that place. If power is not the only problem then you have to connect as before.

Power is then supplied to the electrical circuit by re-supplying power to the circuit breaker.

Circuit breaker installation or Where is the circuit breaker installed?

Since a circuit breaker is a control and maintenance device, it should be within reach. So that it can be easily controlled if there is a problem.

To install a circuit breaker you need to install a DB box. So that the circuit breaker is easy to install and so as not to spoil the external beauty.

Circuit breakers should never be placed in the open. Care should be taken to ensure that young children do not catch the circuit breaker.

Circuit breakers should never be placed in a place where rain waterfalls. If there is a circuit breaker in such a place, it should be removed quickly.

advantages of circuit breaker

1. Electrical safety is obtained with the help of a circuit breaker.
2. Circuit breakers can be used repeatedly.
3. Circuit breakers are durable.
4. Circuit breakers can be installed as required.
5. Circuit breakers are easy to select for specific amperes.
6. Circuit breakers cost less than other maintenance devices.
7. Circuit breakers are beautiful to look at.
8. Electrical coupling can be easily controlled with a circuit breaker.
9. There is no problem in shifting the circuit breaker as required.
10. Circuit breakers are not likely to be damaged at once.
11. Circuit breakers can be used for both single-phase and three-phase.

Disadvantages of circuit breaker
1. Circuit breakers are more expensive to use at home.
2. Once the circuit breaker is damaged, servicing cannot be done.

FAQ In What is a circuit breaker

Q1. Why circuit breakers are used?
Ans: Circuit breakers are used as protection and control devices in electrical circuits. So that no kind of accident happens.

Q2. Why is it necessary to replace the circuit breaker?
Ans: If a circuit breaker breaks down, the circuit breaker needs to be replaced. If there is a problem with the circuit breaker, it is dangerous for the user if it is not replaced.

Q3. Why is circuit breaker wiring done?
Ans: Circuit breaker wiring is done to make the use of circuit breaker suitable. The circuit breaker's wiring makes the circuit breaker beautiful and easy to use.

Q4. Is circuit breaker used instead?
Ans: Circuit breakers are usually signs and control devices. It is used for switching, many times circuit breakers are used instead of switches.

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