Hand Tools And Equipment

We will learn about the names of different types of hand tools and equipment, the use of different types of hand tools and equipment, and the maintenance of different types of hand tools and equipment.

Hand tools are tools that are used to perform electrical tasks.

Electrical hand tools/equipment name such as:

  • Pliers,
  • Knife electrician,
  • Screwdriver

Electronics Hand Tools Electronics hand tools are tools that can be used by hand in the work of electronics. Such as:

  • Neon testers,
  • Spanner,
  • Soldering iron

The names of different types of hand tools are mentioned

  • Vice
  • Side cutting pliers
  • Hacks
  • Soldering iron
  • Solder Soccer
  • Wire brush
  • Knife
  • Metal
  • Inspection goggles
  • Dental Mirror
  • Magnifying gas
  • Drill machine
  • Diagonal cutting pliers
  • Naaz Pierce
  • Combination pliers
  • Crew-driver
  • Neon lamp tester
  • Spanners
  • What is Aline
  • What a hexagon
  • Offset crew-driver
  • Flat file
  • Hand file
  • Ripper file
  • Round file
  • Three square file
  • Half-round file
  • Adjustable range
  • Box scanners

Requirements for hand tools

Wherever you go to do technical work, it is not completed with empty hands. For example: - We need a pen to write, we need a thermometer to check the fever in the corner. In the same way, tools are needed in every corner to do electrical work.

Almost all technical workplaces have tools or equipment. Working on an electric line in a corner is not only possible with hands, accidents will happen if you work with empty hands.

Such as - Electrical equipment, Tumblr switch, batten holder, two-pin socket, cut-out, and pug, etc. It is not possible to play or connect the wire and check the current of the line etc.

Working empty-handed can be dangerous for the person working. Therefore, equipment or general hand tools are essential for proper and safe work in the workplace.

Use of different types of hand tools

1. Vice: Used to hold an object tightly.

2. Hacks: Used for cutting metal objects.

3. Soldering Iron: Component, lead, etc. are added and are good.

4. Solder Socker: Molten solder is absorbed and pulled.

5. Knife: Used to loosen cable or wire insulation, cut corners, stain, etc.

6. Metal Driver: Used to cut stains when laying out patterns on metal or plastic objects.

7. Dental Mirror: Used to examine soldered joints.

8. Diagonal cutting pliers: With the help of this, the leg of the parts is cut.

9. Neon Lamp Tester: This is used to check whether there is electricity in any circuit or in any material.

10. De-soldering gun: It is used to make solder sugar and soldering iron at the same time.

Different types of equipment

All machinery and appliances except hand tools used in workshops and laboratories are called equipment. Such as: -

  • Ammeter,
  • Voltmeter,
  • Drill machines,
  • TV receivers,
  • Tape recorder etc.

According to the activities, there are four types of electronic equipment. E.g.

(1) Signal Generating Equipment

Audio signal generator, pattern generator, etc.

(2) Measuring equipment

Voltmeter, ammeter etc.

(3) Receiver and transmitter equipment

Radio transmitter, telephone receiver, etc.

(4) Testing equipment

Tube tester, transistor tester, etc.

The names of different types of equipment are given below

  • Ammeter.
  • Voltmeter
  • Ohm meter
  • Multimeter
  • Audio signal generator
  • RF signal generator
  • Coil winding machine
  • Transistor checker
  • TV Suema Generator
  • Cathode Ray-Oscilloscope
  • Signal Tracer Indicator
  • TV pattern generator
  • Transformers
  • Video cassette pair
  • Video cassette recorder
  • Radio receiver
  • TV receiver
  • Tape recorder
  • Avemeter
  • Wideband signal generator
  • RLC meter
  • Q m
  • Oscilloscope.

Use of equipment

1. Ammeter: This meter is used to measure the current of a conductor or a semiconductor in a circuit or corner.

2. Voltmeter: This meter is used to measure the voltage of a conductor or semiconductor in a circuit or corner.

3. Ohm meter: This meter is used to measure the resistance and continuity of the material at the corner.

4. RF Signal Generator: Used to test radio receivers and other electronic equipment.

5. LF signal generator: It is used for network coupling, loudspeaker tone reproduction, gain detection, AC bridge measurement, alignment and tuning, RF oscillator modulating, etc.

6. Transistor tester: It is used to determine the good and bad of transistor, PNP, and NPN, it is used to determine the base emitter or collector, it is used to determine the leakage current, etc.

7. RLC meter: It is used to measure resistance, inductance, and capacitance.

8.  Multimeter: It is used for various purposes including diagnosis of current, voltage, resistance and good and bad of different circuits.

9. Oscilloscope: This is a voltage operated measuring instrument. Through this different types of quantity can be measured.

10. TV receiver: It can be used to watch various news, pictures, dramas etc.

Maintenance of various types of hand tools and equipment

To keep tools and equipment running and in good condition, it needs to be properly maintained. If not properly maintained, the equipment can be damaged quickly. We can take the following steps in proper maintenance.

  • The place where I keep tools and equipment should always be kept clean.
  • The room where the tools and equipment will be kept should always be kept clean and tidy.
  • Unused and old wasted goods should be kept away.
  • Sometimes you have to clean the goods with a cloth.
  • To clean internal components and circuits with a soft brush and a long narrow vacuum cleaner nozzle.

Q1. Why is an ohm meter used?

ANS: Ohm meter is used to measure the resistance and continuity of any material.

Q2. What is done with the dental mirror?

ANS: Used to test soldered connections.

Q3. Why is a multimeter used?

ANS: Multimeter is used for various purposes including current, voltage, resistance and good and bad of different circuits.

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