Squirrel Cage Induction Motor

The construction of a squirrel cage rotor double squirrel cage rotor of an induction motor.

The radiator of the induction meter must be made of a laminated iron sheet. Since the frequency and supply of the rotor are very low, the size of its lamination is a bit thick but it is not very difficult.

Three types in terms of structure. E.g.

  1. Squirrel cage rotor
  2. Phase wound rotor
  3. Double squirrel cage rotor

Squirrel Cage Induction Motor

What is a squirrel cage induction motor?

This rater is made of a high-quality laminated steel core. It is firmly attached to the meter with the necessary keys.

At this point, the earthen copper bars are placed and both of the bars are circulated by the obtained copper rings. It looks a lot like a squirrel's nest. That is why it is named Squirrel Cage.

To increase the resistance of the radiator, many times in copper instead of aluminum. Bars and rings are used. To reduce the hamming to rotate silently and to move smoothly free from one of the magnetic locking, the angle of the rotor is kept slightly angled without parallel to the shaft.

This condition is called skewed position. This writer is very strong and simple with the image of the song. This writer never has any kind of error. Its resistance is low and its starting torque is a bit low but it works very well once it starts.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Squirrel Cage Induction Motor

Advantages of squirrel cage induction motor

  • Its structure is very simple and strong.
  • Its material cost is lower than other meters.
  • The cost of repairing and maintaining a meter is much lower as it has been in working condition for a long time.
  • The velocity of the meter remains almost the same in different shifts.
  • When the radiator resistance is normal, the power supply to the radiator is cut during the meter.
  • The efficiency of this motor is high quality.
  • Running performance is good.

For all these reasons, the squirrel cage induction motor used in different types of AC meters is more than 90%.

Disadvantages of squirrel cage induction meter

  1. When it is turned on, it receives more current from the meter line.
  2. The power factor of this motor is very low.
  3. The starting torque of the motor is very low.
  4. That is why this meter is not able to start with more than one and a half.
  5. In operating this motor, its speed cannot be controlled as required.

Use of squirrel cage induction motor

  • In the operation of different types of machines in the machine shop.
  • In the woodworking factory.
  • In the cement factory.
  • In the textile factory.
  • Flour or rice machine.
  • The operation of water pumps etc. is particularly noteworthy.

The purpose is to skin the squirrel cage rotor bar

Usually, the rotor slots are not completely parallel to the shaft bar. Stays in a slightly angular position. This angular position of the rotor suits with the shaft is called skew. The router is skewed for the following benefits.

  • This reduces the magnetic humming of the rotor speed and helps the meter to move properly.
  • Resist the tendency of magnetic locking of eight radiators. This means that the magnetic attraction of the teeth of the stator pole teeth with the teeth of the rotor eliminates the tendency so that the rotor can rotate comfortably.
  • The rater runs very smoothly and quietly.
  • As a result of this system, the length of the conductor of the rotor is slightly increased. As a result, the starting talk of the meter increases a bit.
  • The functional transformation ratio between the rotor and the stator is also increased.
  • A given slip means the impedance of the machine increases.
  • The value of the slip increases with the given torque.

It is not possible to start with more lavish squirrel cage matter, because

The radial resistance of the squirrel cage meter is very low and there is no way to increase the radar resistance of the meter by adding extra resistance to the outside. As a result, the starting torque is extremely low, the turning current also increases and the power factor is also low.

In addition, during starting, the line voltage has to be reduced with the help of the starter and applied to the meter terminal. Since the torque of the ratio is proportional to the square of the supply voltage at the time of starting, the value of torque decreases when the supply voltage is slightly reduced. Goes. The squirrel cage motor cannot start with more load due to the above-mentioned reasons.

Q1.Why is the starting torque of the squirrel cage motor low?

ANS: Squirrel cage motor resistance is low.

Q2. Why is it that squirrel cage motors often use aluminum bars instead of copper?

ANS: Aluminum bars are used instead of copper to reduce the resistance of squirrel cage motors.

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