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 The Sun has expounded on British Gas expanding bills by £97, while Scottish Power, EDF Energy and EOn are climbing costs by £96.

NPower and SSE are also extending costs by £96.

Writing in his step by step MoneySavingExpert release, Martin said customers who aren't happy with the bill changes should search for the best course of action.

In two of the models he gave, he said the typical saving is £218 for customers affected by the energy cost cap, which is extending to £1,138.

Before you switch, beware of the remote possibility that you're at this point in concurrence with your current supplier to avoid any leave cost charges.

Martin said: "It's expected, yet deterring. The Big Six energy firms have as of late revealed new expenses for standard exacts (those a large number individuals are on) from 1 April.

"All are climbing them by around 9%, to inside £1 of the greatest under the new worth cap - a jump of £96/yr on avg for those with normal use.

"Anyway you shouldn't have to recognize the worth move, as there are obligations £100s more affordable to change to, enormous quantities of which are fixes meaning the rate is gotten."

We explain the best courses of action proposed by MoneySavingExpert under.

The higher bills from Big Six suppliers are a result of Ofgem announcing it would up its worth cap by £96.

The regulator is extending the worth cap from £1,042 every year to £1,138 for the half year time span from 1 April.

Ofgem sets the worth cap twofold per year to limit how much suppliers can charge customers on standard variable tolls, dependent upon markdown costs.

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